Kickball365 enables people to make friends and have fun through local kickball leagues.

  1. Q: What is Kickball365?
    Kickball365 is a Social Sports Company founded in 2010. Kickball365 offers Leagues (Social & Competitive) in numerous cities across the country, the first-ever national professional championship series of kickball tournaments known as “The Circuit“, and we host a large community of kickballers on our Forum. Kickball365 enables people to make friends and have fun through local kickball leagues and one of a kind tournament vacation experiences.
  2.  Q: What do you mean by social sports?
    A: Kickball365 offers a variety of well-organized kickball events across the country. When you register as a player you're signing up to participate in the social events during a designated period of time which varies in length at least 7+ games long.
  3. Q: What is a typical game week like during a League?
    A: Each League hosts a game per week for at least 7+ weeks. After your League games all players are invited to attend their designated Local Sponsor Bar. Furthermore, our local leagues offer a variety of social events to attend throughout the season. 
  4. Q: What does a League Player Membership with Kickball365 get me?
    A: Your membership gets you tons of new friends, a season of a sport (that you choose), a League  t-shirt, 2 parties and access to a variety of other events.
  5. Q: What are the minimum requirements to join?
    A: All participants must be 18 or older, have adequate health insurance, and agree to the terms and conditions set in order to join a Kickball365 League.
  6. Q: What is the typical age range of a Kickball365League?
    A: Most of our members are between 21-35 years old. The average age is 24.
  7. Q: How do we handle rain delays?
    A: In the event of rain all players will receive an email from the League Director and a private message from the League Open Facebook Group. At this time we do not have a hot line to call in for weather updates.
  8. Q: Why does my team have to referee?
    A: In most Kickball365 Leagues our referees are our players. In some instances our Leagues offer paid referees. We encourage all players to learn our rule book to offer their services as a referee. You never know - a League Director might let you play for free if you agree to be a referee all season!
  9. Q: How do I sign up my team?
    A: Choose the League and location you are interested in under “List of Locations”. Once you find your Location go to the Location Page to find available Leagues to Register for. Click the league you wish to register for and click the blue REGISTER button. Create an account on LeagueApps if you do not have an account already. You can use your Facebook account to sign up too! If you are looking to start a team then please Sign up as Team Captain, accept waiver and pay for yourself. If you are a Player looking to join a Team find your Team. Invite team members’ right from our registration system. Team members will get an email inviting them to the team. Team members will need to accept waiver and pay for themselves. That’s it! Once you get a full team in the system it’s time to play kickball!
  10. Q: How many people make up a team?
    A:  A team must roster a minimum of 15 players per team and a maximum of 25 players.
  11. Q:  Is Kickball365 a co-ed League?  If so, what is the ratio of guys/girls I should look to have on my team?
    A:  Yes, most of the leagues we offer are co-ed.  A team roster is generally made up of 60% male 40% female.  However, we do offer women’s only leagues in select cities.  
  12. Q:  How many players are on the field at once?
    A:  A maximum of ten (10) players make up the defense with minimum of four (4) females. 
  13. Q:  Can I join the league by myself or with a friend or two? 
    A:  Yes, you can sign up as a “Free Agent”.  You can also request a friend or small group play together with you if you wish.  We will do our best to keep you together depending on the size of your group.  The key is signing up early and talking about the kickball365 league you are going to be playing in at work, home, on facebook, EVERYWHERE.  Before you know it you will have an entire team of people wanting to join you!
  14. Q: What’s included in my experience with kickball365?
    A:  7+ weeks of regular season plus playoffs, team tee shirt, organized social parties, fields and equipment provided, social and competitive rules available, sponsor bar specials and for no additional charge, the chance to relive grade school!
  15. Q:  Can we hit a player with the ball to get them out?
    A:  Yes, you can hit a player with the ball to get them out.  That’s that best part of kickball and we would never want to take that away from our customers. 
  16. Q:  What if my payment doesn’t go through?
    A:  Sometimes it’s a problem with your credit card at the time or with the system or even your browser.  Try again in a few minutes.  If it still doesn’t go through email the League Team at [email protected]
  17. Q:  How do I pick shirt color/when do I get my shirt?
    A:  Team captains will get an email from the league director about picking a tee color.  Team tees will be handing out at the field’s on week one. Team captains please show up 15 minutes earlier than normal to gather tees.  
  18. Q:  What if I don’t have enough people by the end of registration?
    A:  Do you best to recruit but if you are short we will either do our best to add free agents to your roster or combine you with another team.  In rare cases we may have to split your players across a few other teams.  Be sure to start recruiting early to avoid this problem!
  19. Q:  What are the rules?
    A:  We have the Official Rulebook of Kickball365 which offers a competitive and social rule set.  The Social rules are in the form of a Cheat Sheet. Both Rules can be found at:  http://www.kickball365.com/thecircuit/referees/refereeing/
  20. Q:  Are refs included in our fee?
    A:  Yes, however depending on your city and size of league etc your team may be asked to ref during the season.
  21. Q: What can you expect when joining a kickball365 league?
    After talking strategy with your friends over email all week and some trash talk to the other teams its finally game day.   Come out to the fields ready to play.  Do a couple of stretches at the sponsor bar before or at the field to keep limber.  Find your captain and the field you will be playing on and get a plan together to kick butt or hopefully a kickball a few times.  After your game(s) is over head on over to the sponsor bar to eat, drink and be marry with the rest of the teams!   Who knows you may meet the love of your life or a new best friend!
  22. Q: How will I stay connected with my League during the season?
    A: Be sure to stay connected and view any pictures from the week of your League on your Open Group page on Facebook
    . Your League Director will make you aware of this group at the beginning of the season.   Keep an eye out for weekly emails from your friendly league director as well.  Updates for the week and important announcement will be posted to Facebook and emailed to you as they arise. 
  23. Q: What does my registration fee pay for?
    A: Registration fees cover some or all of the following things: Field Rentals, T-Shirts, Equipment, Insurance, Administrative Costs, which include upkeep of the website and general office costs.
  24. Q: I want to promote my league, do you have any guidelines?
    A: All players are encouraged to tweet or like a Kickball365 League. To do so simply go to the league you wish to promote and click the social buttons.
  25. Q: Kickball365 is amazing, how can I help?
    A: If you are a photographer, videographer, bar/restaurant owner, blogger, or anything else and you want to share your skills with us, we would love to have you joi our team! Send us an email with your resume explaining your skills and why Kickball365 would benefit from having you working with your. Please use our Contact Form

  26. Q: Do you have additional questions? 
    A: Contact us at [email protected].

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